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Project Dynamics
- Yudaiwan Projec【2016/12/7】
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Commencement of CTMCC Underground Utility Pipe Gallery Project(PPP)in Ruili

撰稿人:admin  关键字:Ruili,PPP  来源:  日期:2016/12/7

October 31 witnessed the grand opening ceremony of CTMCC Underground Utility Pipe Gallery Construction Project (PPP) in Ruili, Yunan.

The project mainly comprises of investment, construction and operation of utility pipe gallery of high street Huanchengbei Road (Xierhuan Road to Ruijing Road, Ruili Road to Wanting Road), Mengmao Road (Xierhuanlu to Huanchengbei Road) and branch Xierhuanlu Road in Ruili city. Of those, the high street utility pipe gallery is 32.03 kilometers, the branch utility pipe gallery is 2.38 kilometers, totaling up 34.41 kilometers. After the completion of the project, the project company will provide the pipeline entry and gallery operation and maintenance services.

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