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Project Dynamics
- Yudaiwan Projec【2016/12/7】
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MCC TianGong Group Corporation Limited (CTMCC), a core company of Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd. (MCC), is a large-scale modern and innovative group corporation for both national and international operations and possesses the special grade general contractor’s qualification for house building and metallurgical projects, grade A design qualification for both building and metallurgical industries granted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction and the qualification for contracting projects overseas granted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China. CTMCC has the capacity for general contracting and rich management experiences to undertake large-scale industrial, civil and municipal projects.

CTMCC was awarded Class AAA Credit Enterprise by China Association of Building Industry, China Association of Construction Enterprise Management (CACEM), China International Contractors Association and China Construction Bank, Top 100 Competitive Enterprises of China Building Industry by China Association of Building Industry, National Enterprise Honoring the Contract and Keeping the Promise by The State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the title of Excellent Credit Enterprise by Tianjin Municipal People's Government.

CTMCC was granted the May Day National Labour Medal and successively awarded the honorary titles of National Excellent Construction Enterprise, National Advanced Enterprise of Construction Industry, Top 100 Enterprises in Competition & Growth of Chinese Construction Industry, Tianjin Civilization Unit, Social Responsibility Contribution Award of Tianjin Binhai New Area and etc.

CTMCC, adhering to scientific management and innovative development, has strong capacity of business management, R&D and transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements. CTMCC has been awarded National Advanced Enterprise of Scientific Development and Technological innovation in Construction Industry during “The 11th Five-Year Plan” by China Construction Industry Association, National Intellectual Property Pilot Unit, Technology Innovation Advanced Unit granted by China Management Association for Engineering & Construction (CMAEC), Municipal Enterprise Technology Center and Patent Model Unit granted by Tianjin Municipal People's Government. CTMCC is a certified corporation of Quality Management System (GB/T19001:2008), Environment Management System (GB/T24001:2004), Occupational Health Security Management (GB/T28001:2011) and Construction Company Quality System (GB/T 50430:2007). It has successively completed a number of key projects which represent the world advanced level and among which,
Shenhua NingCoal HangOxygen 3x 101500 Nm3/h Air Separation Cold Box Installation Project is the similar domestic largest project, Oyu Tolgoi Copper Gold Mine Project in Mongolia is the similar largest project in Asia, ShaSteel 5,800 m3 Blast Furnace and TISCO 660m2 Sintering Machine are both the largest similar projects on the world, The Universal Studios Singapore is the fourth studio project, TISCO Stainless Steel Cold Rolling Technology Reconstruction Project is the world's most advanced stainless steel cold rolling production line, the world's first 68000-ton Multi-functional Die Forging Press filled the production blank of large forge piece, large diameter nuclear power tube in china.

CTMCC will continually holds its business philosophy for Honest Society & Clients’ Satisfaction and will provide high quality products and services for its clients. As a construction corporation, CTMCC has been awarded many national prizes such as Luban prize (including Luban prize for overseas projects), gold medal, silver medal and hundreds of prizes of ministerial and provincial excellent projects. Among them, three projects completed were listed as the 100 Best and Classical Projects of 60th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China and two projects was awarded the title of National Excellent Projects Prize 30 years Classical Projects, one project was listed in the     100 Classic and Boutique Works in 35 Years Since Reform and Opening-up. CTMCC has cooperated in different fields with the world famous clients such as Rio Tinto, Ivanhoe, Anglo Gold, BASF, Unilever, P&G, Genting, Novo Nodisk, GSK, Pepsico, Kraft foods, Parkson, GE and etc and has established strategical cooperation partnership with them.

CTMCC pursues management and technological innovation and improvement and is willing to sincerely cooperate with its clients for joint success. CTMCC will provide the satisfactory products and services for domestic and overseas clients with its strict and standard management, tremendous technical abilities and techniques.

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